Attaboyz Archery is a privately held grassroots LLC Co-Owned by Matt Homan and Dale Mannasmith.  An idea 4 years in the making, we hope you can all call our pro-shop and range your own.  We are here to serve the archery industry as a whole.  Archers of all skill levels, professional or novice, are welcome at Attaboyz Archery.

Dale Mannasmith

In 1989, my mom and dad purchased 52 acres of land in Logan Co. Ohio.  At the time I don’t think they realized how much that place would shape me into the person I am today.  Some of my fondest childhood memories come from that wooded sanctuary that we now call the compound.  As I grew older I realized how much I truly appreciated being in the woods, not only hunting, but enjoying the peace and calmness that so many struggle to find these days.


I was introduced to hunting at a very young age when my dad pulled me out of school in kindergarten to show me his first whitetail deer.  I remember chasing wounded geese in an open field with a bird dog beating me to every single one and being left in a box blind during the frigid temps of gun season.  It’s what I love to do and the passion has only boiled over since then.  Filming hunts, nature photography, and the ability to share all the cool things I see is what really drives me.  I want as many people to experience what the outdoors has to offer.  Archery has been the greatest avenue for me to be able to do that.  Starting with a crossbow and working my way up to compound shooting has been nothing but pure enjoyment.


Matt and I have tried to create an archery center where all of our customers will be proud to say “that’s my shop”.   A shop with an encouraging atmosphere, where skill, gender, nor age, matter.  A place where you leave with a smile on your face is the most important thing.  Most call it customer service.  We call it “The Attaboyz Way”.  I look forward to meeting so many in the archery community and make sure you stop us when you see us.


Take care, – Dale

Matt Homan

I was five years old the first time I experienced my father bring home a whitetail buck. A fire was lit in that five year old boy. I was hooked the following year when I walked into the woods with my father to scout deer for the coming season on a family farm. As teenagers do, I drifted from the things I loved as a boy. When I was 21, my father passed and his cross bow became mine. It was the perfect time in life to reconnect with this long lost passion. My father’s influence on me has made me realize just how important this project is. Now, the hobby becomes more of an obsession as I become more successful with my bow hunting. Nothing beats watching the woods come to life with each morning sit. Harvesting a mature whitetail buck just tops it all off.


From making bows with branches, string and whittled sticks as a kid, to bow hunting big whitetail as a man, one could say archery is in my DNA. One could also say entrepreneurship is in my DNA. My wife and I have operated a small business for six years and my family has operated a successful business for over 80 years. Chasing the dream to open an Archery Pro Shop only makes sense as the outdoorsman and entrepreneur in me collide.


Dale and I want to bring this full service Archery Pro Shop to Central Ohio offering products and services that fit all ages, budgets, genders, interests and skill levels. We will enable every archer that comes to our shop to be the best archer they can be as they “have fun and get it done”. I feel we have the opportunity to bring something great to Marysville and the surrounding communities.


I’m going to put everything I have into this project and spend every day for the rest of my life helping others dial in their love for archery, as I continue to dial in my own. The only target you’ll ever miss is the one you aren’t aiming for.


We hope you enjoy the shop!