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bow services
Bow Service
  • $75 full tune /$100 (if strings not purchased here)
  • $20 min service charge
  • $75/hr anything included


A full tune includes everything the basic setup, plus timing of cams, centershot, leveling sight, and paper tuning the bow. Also covers all other labor as installing strings, swapping cams, and general repairs. We have next-day turn around on full tunes typically the year.

String Changes

Cost Of Strings + Full Bow Tune


We order all of our strings premium string maket Rogue Bow Strings. Up to three (3) custom colors per string. All string made-to-order and typically take about 1 week to arrives ordering. The top quality strings and you allow to floating peep (without rubber tubing).

Arrow Services

$ 3 /Fletch Arrow + Material

$3  Strip/Clean arrow


Refletch arrows? We have you covered! We carry variety of specialty vanes such has AAE Max Hunters, AAE Stealth Vanes, 3-5″ Feathers, and 4″ & 5″ vanes. At carry Bohning Blazer vanes in various colors.